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May 18th, 2010: Michel Doneda – Tetsu Saïtoh – Shunichiro Hisada

@instants chavires

This project mixed the usual free improvisation with Noh vocals and drum. I tend to like those vocals, and I’m quite fond of that small hourglass drum, so it was worth a shot even though I didn’t expect much.

I liked Tetsu Saïtoh’s performance best. He did many different things in diverse modes, so his bass was the least predictable element. Of course Shunichiro Hisada’s range was narrower, but that wasn’t an issue when there was some interaction with the others. I found Michel Doneda to be too predictable, with a few exceptions, but that’s the way I’ve felt with most of the improv scene lately. There were interesting play between the voice and sax at some points, but overall I think the bass/drum combination worked best. That was a long set, so it had highs and lows. It felt a little too much like small variations over the continuous thread of the voice/drum, lacking interesting dynamics within the project. Nice snapshots, but I’m not convinced over the whole set.

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