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May 29th, 2010: Twin Twin / Turne / Jordan

@instants chavirés

I didn’t know people were still music like Jordan‘s. I realize I have no idea at all about what’s popular or not these days, I’m that cut off. Hey, that tends to happen around my age. Anyway I was quite bored by Jordan, that’s just not my kind of thing.

Turne were much better. I like bass, and this is a band where the bass often holds everything together while guitars and drums go wandering around. Some songs feature a cool melodic bass line too. I guess it’s still rock, but not the boring template kind. I had seen them three years ago, and there’s just no comparison, they’re a totally different band now, in a good way.

I guess Twin Twin had some good bits, the beatboxing was OK if not special. But I think I lost interest during the second song. It didn’t help that I think I remembered one of them from years ago, and that probably made their music too close to what was going on back then. At least they reminded me of a lesson I was taught then and pretty much forgot.


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