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May 31st, 2010: Joanna Newsom / Roy Harper

@la villette

I’m not really into Roy Harper‘s kind of music, but I still think he has some really nice songs, if a bit on the long side at times, and certainly knows his way with a guitar. Still, there was way too much echo and it was often too loud. Not the last time I would wonder about the sound during this edition of the festival, unfortunately. I’m used to loud music, but it really got in the way. I guess the bright white light beaming in my eyes didn’t help either.

It didn’t come as a surprise, but Joanna Newsom did change some over the years. She tamed her unique voice, so much that she often reminded me more of Kate Bush that her earlier self. Not that it’s a bad thing, and I think I would have lost interest if she still had been doing the same thing. Her new songs are more straightforward than those from Ys, but I wouldn’t say they’re really less ambitious, because there’s some serious craft at work in there. Some kind of maturity maybe, as suggested by her almost glamorous look and her playing the piano at times. Not everything has changed though, her harp was still the main instrument, and she kept a visible joy at playing. I also liked that the band was more than a backdrop, the drummer and guitar/banjo/flute player especially were crucial and I think they all had some nice connection going. I don’t know what she’ll be doing next, probably change some more while remaining true to herself, and though I know that’s setting the bar pretty high, I think she can do exactly that.


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