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June 3rd, 2010: Acid Mothers Temple / Om / Wolf Eyes

@cabaret sauvage

Wolf Eyes started their set relatively softly, but the horrible sound made that part so flat I’m afraid the point was lost. Even when they started playing harsher, it never came close to what I remember they can do. What they couldn’t do was overcome this crappy sound, and to add insult to injury they were cut off just after saying “we’re not done yet”. I think the end of their set should have been pretty good, but the venue was just totally wrong.

Om hardly fared better, and they even had a couple of false starts because of technical problems. I’m not sure I would have liked that set even with a better sound, as it was I just couldn’t stand it and went outside, where I thought it actually sounded better.

Acid Mothers Temple did manage to do a nice set. I think their psych stuff depends less on a decent sound, and they’re showmen enough to get something going anyway. They went into a relentless driven tune right from the start, and the quieter moments didn’t last long. And Kawabata pulled a cool trick at the end: he smashed a guitar and threw the pieces in the audience — pretty lame so far — then grabbed another guitar and did it again, which made all the difference in my book. Nice set, but I can only guess how good it would have been in a better place.


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