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June 4th, 2010: Diamanda Galas / Programme / Bo Ningen

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There’s no way I can be fair to Bo Ningen. I didn’t like their singer’s voice, but other than that I just couldn’t focus on their music because I had seen Acid Mothers Temple the previous day and they were just psych enough to have me get flashbacks from that gig. My bad.

I was happy to hear Programme again after such a long time — eight years. At first the voice was a little flat, but it got better. This time they were  almost cheerful compared to the first time I saw them, meaning they didn’t pile on with the hostile vibe. I think that’s a good thing, their material is strong enough and comes through more clearly with them keeping it simple. Their newer songs were not really a break from their earlier material, it’s more that they made me see the latter differently and notice different things that had always been there. I guess I’ll have to check out their new record too.

Diamanda Galas still has a great voice, and that solo piano performance looked like a good setup. And it was, up to a point. I really liked the first few songs, but then I lost interest because it all sounded the same. I guess that made sense within the concept, this merging of songs from different countries and styles. I just guess I don’t like that concept. And her take on Inta Omri just lost me. She has the voice to pull it off, and instead she turned it into a flat European song.


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  1. Counterfnord,
    Would you consider getting a solid musical education so that
    you could write about music with a learned hand?

    This is very poor writing. You are writing like young girl
    on her first menstrual cycle, how bored you were, how you could
    not relate, how what you are saying is not fair, but you are saying it,
    you get all confused about everything.

    would you consider trying again?

    Comment by tony | June 14, 2010 | Reply

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