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June 10th, 2010: Savion Glover – Bare Soundz

@theatre de la ville

That was my first contact with tap dance, and I think the setup was right for me. It was maybe too different from what I’m used to when it comes to dance, but those amplified platforms turned the performance into an almost purely musical one, and one I really liked a lot.

I never really thought of it as dance but music, even when they relayed each other on a single platform the visual side faded to the distant background because the rhythmic side was so strong. To me it felt like three gifted percussionists in the kind of exchange I often expect from Indian musicians. But the closest reference in my mind was Kodo, especially when they slowed down a little. I have not seen them in years, but they too have a visual side, even though it’s secondary. It was diverse enough to invoke other references, and at times some of their swiping sounds reminded me of scratching.

The virtuosity was a little too much at times, especially from Savion Glover, though Maurice Chestnut proved just as able to go blindingly fast. Marshall Davis Jr. was my favorite of the three, because in his slower moments he weaved my favorite rhythmic sequences.

It went beyond just rhythm too, the repeated phrases around solo burst took on a melodic quality and the changes in pace and the difference in sounds built the same kind of effect several times. As dance, I’m not into that kind of speed and it was a little monotonous. But as music I just loved it, and most eagerly sign up for more of this.


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