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June 8th, 2010: Steve Noble – John Edwards – Alex Ward

@instants chavirés

That one just felt good. Far too often the European free improv scene rehashes the same things, but here local mores seemed to be the farthest thing from the performers’ mind. NEW is Steve Noble, John Edwards, and Alex Ward, and they do have something to say. I’m not that sure it was all that — lowercase — new, but they behaved like it was, and it does matter.

I don’t know anything really about Alex Ward, but he seemed to bring the push to let Edwards and Noble got into what had been there but they had been lacking the right partner to explore. Not anymore. They were fearless enough to get close enough to jazz-rock to show what went wrong with that experiment, and how it can be done. Maybe the guitar was enough, anyway they had the energy of rock with the knowledge of jazz made relevant flesh. One of those moments when it just works and that’s more than enough, when maybe reaching greatness requires letting go of such lofty aims.

I didn’t see anyone compromise, quite the opposite, but without pretense. I think they managed to play loud without sacrificing any of their creativity, just exploring another outlet. I don’t know if they were having fun, but I was, and the way they kept the intensity while changing things along the way certainly helped.


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