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June 9th, 2010: Susanne Linke


The first solo, Orient-Okzident, was my favorite, possibly because the music — Xenakis — was the most to my liking. A band of light shone across the stage and Armelle Van Eecloo stayed in that band, coming first on all four and rising sometimes to her feet. There was something both exacting and yet primal in some motion and small details like the angle of an ankle or foot made a world of difference. Small things, but highly charged and with a contained energy that had me from the first moments and never let go.

Im Bade wannen was danced by Susanne Linke herself, around and one a bathtub that sometimes was a prop, at times a support, and at others was pushed around. Again it was all in the details, and there was only a few changes to go from a mundane scene to an almost abstract dance. Almost because there was still an incarnation that denied abstraction.

Wandlung was performed by Mareike Franz and was a close second in my personal preference. My favorite parts were those when she lied on the ground but moved as if standing. Some motions looked like walking, but others reminded me of a classical moves slightly skewed, and that was a nice touch because I’ve resented the way some western classical ballets tend to deny the ground.

I had a harder time with Flut. Urs Dietrich spent the first part on an unfolding roll of fabric, and though there was a nice buildup about this, it was a little too static for me. The last sequence when the fabric was spread out of its line shape changed things and made me appreciate more the way that material was a part of the choreography. I should have picked that up sooner, but I didn’t.

Susanne Linke returned for Kaikou-Yin the last solo. A bit like in the first one, I thought there was something intense and primal when she was close to the ground, and another element when she was standing tallest. I wouldn’t call that one intellectual or abstract though, it was more a matter of degree, because the physical was always there, just leaving more room for something more controlled.


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