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June 13th, 2010: Keiji Haino – Makoto Kawabata – Jean-François Pauvros


I had some misgivings about that show; these three are talented, but there’s always the ego issue to consider when those kind of personalities meet. At first I thought those fears were stop on: Makoto Kawabata and Jean-François Pauvros were bowing their guitars and Keiji Haino was playing on his own. The first two have played together several times in the past, and that 2+1 setup was just what I thought might happen.

But they seemed to find some common ground later when they played louder, and the set took off. Though I kept feeling that Keiji Haino was still a little more apart. Then again, he’s the one I like best of the three and am the most familiar with, so that might have been just me focusing on him. The second set started louder and faster than the first, other than that it was quite consistent with it. I liked Pauvros better in that set than in the first, maybe I just paid more attention.

It worked better than I feared it would, but still it wasn’t the meeting it might have been. I had the feeling they found some workable compromise to play together and pretty much stuck with it, with occasional individual forays that didn’t stray all that much, and weren’t really seized as an invitation for more by the others. It was nice, but still not what I know these guys can do.


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