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June 17th, 2010: Fourcolor / Tomoko Sauvage

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I missed Tomoko Sauvage a while ago and had been eager to make up for this lapse. I heard she ran into some technical difficulties, which may account for some flatter moments. But her performance was good enough for me. If that was a poor one, sign me up for the next one — please do so anyway. I loved the raw sounds of water hitting those bowls, and her contribution showed an affinity with water that brought these raw sounds to an unexpected level. It might have mined the original vein a little too long, but the sounds were very much worth it and more, even offsetting the obnoxious guy next to me who steadily pushed me further away. If that was a bad set, I can’t wait to hear a good one. I loved this and I think it’s one of those times when I both enjoy the moment and feel it can get even better. I really hope I’ll get to hear her again, she’s got it, whatever “it” is.

I skipped the next set for various dubious reasons, and maybe I should have called it quits earlier. I think Fourcolor is the kind of project that sounds better on a record than live. After the elemental immediacy of Tomoko Sauvage, this set was much to laptopish for me. I don’t mind the sound-focused set as much as it emphasis on processing. My main gripe with his set got very clear when he played a chord his laptop made sound like a wave. The first time was weak but tolerable, but it got so old quickly for me. Maybe it was too much of a contrast between his laptop and Tomoko’s mineral mastery, with both related to water but only one embracing it. I know which side I’m on; maybe I could have liked his music if he had opened for her, but I was still too impressed by her sounds to get this.


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