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June 18th, 2010: Sizero Table Experience

@cité de la musique

Wow, that was the worst concert I’ve been to in years. A lot of people seemed to like it though. At first Talvin Singh wasn’t there, he had a couple songs alone on tabla that were kind of the highlight for me even though it fell far short of what I’ve seen him do in previous shows. And that was the best part. The rest ranged from embarrassing to stinking crap in my opinion. These guys are supposed to know their stuff, so seeing that guy play guitar hero on sitar was puzzling, to put it mildly — I’m sure it was a plain rip-off. A shameful display, and that’s being kind. I’m not sure which was worse of the slowed-down Kathak or the cheesy video. The dance was so pretty and mellow — which is so totally wrong with Kathak — but the awful morphing from MLK to Gandhi to Mandela to my-mind-went-mercifully-blank-before-it-got-to-Bono.

That was the worst gig in a long while for me. The stench will be hard to dispel. Shame on you, Talvin Singh. Shame on me if I get suckered into seeing you again in that kind of rip-off exploitation of your past glory.

I really was interested in what he would learn from his stay in India. Seems it was all about making a quick buck from gullible westerners. Sad, but deserved, so I can’t really complain that much.

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