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June 21st, 2010: Olsou

Out of order post just to outline the confusion — yeah like I did that on purpose.

My usual music day routine is to walk around band scanning and not linger anywhere. This year I broke from that on seeing that Korean drum band near where I work. A real drum band usually gets my attention, especially on that day that seems dedicated to fumbling djembe handlers. When I came in they were sitting and the music was really good, at least as far as the drums were concerned. I wasn’t all that sold about the winds. Then there was a dance spell where the identity of the teacher was way too obvious. She stayed on later and that was much better, if still a little slow. Nothing wrong with that but not really appropriate there. I did write down their site, so maybe I can see her in a more suitable setting.

The drum band took over after that and they went walking around. They were nice but the constraint of remaining in that circle felt somewhat wrong.  None of their fault at all, they did great but seemed worth more space.

I gave up quickly on my band scanning after that, it just didn’t seem worth the trouble. I’ll try to check on Olsou again later instead.


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