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June 22nd, 2010: La Ligne Claire / Les Coupeurs de Têtes / Emmanuelle Gibello

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I had heard this one before, so I knew what was coming and my take on it just is skewed because of that knowledge. The sound was much better but I guess that comes from Emmanuelle Gibello‘s choice to rework it even though it came at the expense of Diemo Schwarz‘ contribution. It felt shorter, especially in the Korean part of the trip. Maybe that was just me expecting a longer stay with them bells; it was a different take on it but there’s no arguing from me on the overall effect. What I lost in the Korean connection was made up for by the subway rush turning into waves. That part didn’t come up as well the first time.

Speaking of Diemo and CataRT, I wasn’t all that into his performance as part of Les Coupeurs de Têtes. Jac Pochat and Cyril Touzé seemed to be doing their thing on their own, with Diemo Schwarz picking it up later, but that lacked interaction and didn’t bring much over some regular loops. When Diemo switched to drums it all got much better and shared but it was just at the end and for me that just brought into sharper relief what had been wrong so far.

Another thing that was wrong was my missing Erick D’Orion‘s set while I was playing salesman for the station out there. I can be dumb that way. I went back in for La Ligne Claire, but something was off. No fault of theirs, they sounded better than I’ve ever heard them, but the laid-back setting seemed off for them. I’m always off the mark with them for some reason, hopefully next time I’ll hear them in the right place at the right time and in the right frame of mind. It still sounded a little mundane for me, but I think they’re very close to getting great. I think they’re a little sprinkling of weirdness away from getting Chocolat Billy great.

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