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June 24th, 2010: TG / Napalm Jazz / Moliere / Damien Schultz / Centenaire


I liked the Centenaire opened their set, quite driven with a relentless rhythm and keyboard that was much to my liking. I’m definitely not fond of the voice, but that was nice. There were a couple other songs I liked too, but not so much the rest of the set, which was a little too mainstream pop/rock for me. Half is enough, though.

Damien Schultz had a new text, but it’s not really something to which I pay much attention. For me it’s all in the delivery and its rhythm, and the repeated phrase of that text was neat, and help but the rhythm in sharp relief. As good a performance as I’ve heard from him, which is saying something.

Moliere was another of these projects with a new name but featuring some of the usual suspects. They spent the set huddled in a corner, which avoided any antic to let the music stand on its own. It was less noisy and more immediately catchy than I expected, but pretty good and engaging as live music, nothing to sneeze at.

Napalm Jazz did the set that went the most to the usual noise side, though they were joined by Jac Pochat and Quentin Rollet, both on sax. They — especialy the former at first — brought a more melodic side to the performance without really mellowing it. Which is a good thing, and they merged well with the noise before fading and leaving both Napalm Jazz guys to conclude in a more noise vein. Nice set, but I could have used some more of the last part.

I thought the place would be a nice fit for TG and it was indeed a good set, and the first time I got to here his more beat-oriented side with a decent enough sound. What’s nice is that beyond the beats the noise is still there and there were several layers to that music, united in a set that was cohesive but not simple-minded.

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