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September 9th, 2010: Antipop Consortium

@point éphémère

I don’t like the place much these days, but I like enough of what Antipop Consortium does to overcome that. Beans wasn’t there, but I’m not sure that changed the outcome all that much for me. They do different things, and what I liked and didn’t like was pretty much what I expected.

My favorite parts were the instrumental ones, which featured intricate sample-based rhythms. Sometimes it felt on the brink of breaking down, but they always found a way to pull it off. In a sense that was closer to the most interesting electro than to hip-hop proper. Then again, what I like in that band is not really the times they stay close to what hip-hop is supposed to be.

No surprise either that I didn’t like the times they got closer to melodic singing, that’s my usual reaction. And as MCs I think they’re far from being my favorites. But they make up for that with all-around creativity. That side was there, but I think like them better on records. The brilliance that they can show there doesn’t translate fully to the stage in my opinion.

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