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October 16th, 2010: Das Synthetische Mischgewebe / Benjamin Thigpen / Emmanuel Mieville

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Emmanuel Mieville‘s set was a tease. There were more than a few moments that I liked a lot, but they didn’t quite come together as a whole I could get into. But it was close, so close I’m inclined to blame my exhaustion for the missing link. I don’t think it would have been great this time, but he has some promising bits that may eventually come together to something special.

I really liked Benjamin Thigpen‘s set. The first part featured a very nice base of scraping sounds, though the electronic processing was a bit too edge-smoothing. I guess that’s to be expected from anyone who would acknowledge his use of Max/MSP. I’m not sure whether the break due to technical difficulties was such a bad thing. I thought the second part of the set was less interesting, but I suspect it was just me taking the easy way out. I resent that, because I did find intriguing bits in there that made me wish I had paid more attention. I should keep an ear out for this guy in the future.

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. Is that German for high-brow boredom? Sure seemed it was for me. I hated this and should have left instead of fighting sleepiness. Definitely my kind of thing. When battery-operated dolls are supposed to the highlight of a show, having the “musicians” sitting smugly on the side looking contentedly isn’t all that an improvement. If only they had seen fit to smoke some elaborate pipe, I could have enjoyed the nod to obsolescence. As it was, they were so smug that I have to dig deeper than Metallica insults. More like the Bon Jovi of experimental music.


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