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October 7th, 2010: TG / La Race / El-G

@instants chavirés

I always try to ignore the word-based part of El-G‘s shows, or rather the meaning of those words. I’m more interested in the flow, and the musical side of these words. That means I don’t really know what he was talking about, but that was a winning strategy this time, as far as I’m concerned. It took a little while getting started, but by the time he started to add some loops he had my full attention. And it got better as he layered more loops and the words started getting drowned out, fighting for space and maybe struggling to get through, before getting back to the forefront at the end. That was so well done, with a dramatic trajectory to the balance of elements, that was telling a story of its own. Great show, the best I remember hearing from him.

La Race had energy to spare, and I liked their attitude and the fact they avoided the stage and played on the floor. But in this context it also sounded a bit too mundane and predictable. Anyway, I’ll always take that kind of generous performance over pretentious and ambitious high-brow concepts that fall flat for lack of commitment. They’re really going at it, and that’s so big in a live performance. Nothing all that interesting, but it felt good.

I’ve seen TG a few times, and it was never the same thing. There were some of the beats and loops and his more recent shows, but more melodic synth too, and it felt different, though unmistakeably his. And the latter is something on which I’m putting more value with every show or record. He has forayed into pretty different kinds of music, but there’s a constant feel to all this, and I think the combination is both rare and important. Maybe that makes me too biased to say whether the show was as good as I think it was. I don’t really care. I’m much too eager to get hold of that CD he was out of. Will that strike end already so that I can squeeze a trip to the record store in my busy schedule?


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