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October 20th, 2010: Vladimir Pankov – La Noce


First time in about ten years I went and saw a play. With the emphasis Théatre de la Ville now puts on theater, I thought I would try a couple and see if my dislike faded with age. I can’t say yet. I liked this, but it was not conventional theater, and my liking had a lot to do with the musicians on stage.

And of course I had to buy in with the early extract from Stravinski’s Wedding, which may be my favorite work in classical music. It was rendered very nicely, maybe not percussive enough but more than making up for it in power. And the voices were great. I think it requires singers to get closer to popular songs than opera, and they nailed that perfectly. The play only featured two short extracts, but they were great.

It wasn’t conventional because of the many songs, and also because the words were repeated many times, both in Russian and Belarusian. And there was also the trick of having three actors playing the same character — three such sets in all. The plot was quite thin and not the point for me, so that didn’t bother me at all, quite the opposite. I’m too ignorant to say anything about the acting, but I really enjoyed the show and its mix of many things. And I’ve seen dance shows with just as much talk and less dance, so I don’t think I should pay much attention to labels. But there was clearly a story, and they conveyed it. The translation helped, of course, but it didn’t get all that far. The actors added bits that were not in the text, and that part didn’t need any translating.

I’m still doubting I can like theater, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of what SounDrama is doing.


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