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October 21st, 2010: Triolex

@instants chavirés

Triolex is one of the project of Luc Ex, and also features Phil Minton, Tristan Honsinger, and Serigne McGueye. I usually like what Luc Ex does, and I was eager to finally see Tristan Honsinger play. But I’m not a fan of Phil Minton, so that kept my expectations in check.

As usual, Phil Minton was too prominent for my taste, but he had some great dialogues with Tristan Honsinger, especially late in the first set and for most of the second. That was good, but also a limit, because I felt the other two were a bit left behind. I didn’t hear Luc Ex do much in the first set, but Serigne McGueye dropped hints now and then that were pretty much not picked up by the two old timers. They did have something good going, but I think they proved their point had would have had time to include the others more instead of going over the same things twice.

As for the encore, Honsinger’s white man dance was done in a right spirit, but I’m not sure I’m happy to have seen that.


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