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October 22nd, 2010: Tetuzi Akiyama / Jozef Van Wissem / Chris Forsyth / Quentin Dubost

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I think I may have been more receptive to what Quentin Dubost is doing. Still the same bowing high on the neck and flicking the sound off and on, but I liked it better. I was focused enough to catch some of the smaller events. But I still feel there’s something missing and it gets predictable after a while. Or maybe that’s because his moving to a higher string once in a while had too much of a system in it. Nice, but I think I won’t be as interested if he does the same thing the next time I hear him.

Chris Forsyth went with a much louder and regular sound, with some easily followed almost pounding foundation on which to build something more adventurous. But not all that much in my opinion. Again, a little too much of the same thing, though done quite well.

I was there for Jozef Van Wissem, and it was worth it, easily my favorite set of the evening. I’m sure a lot of that had to do with his instrument, a lute does stand out. But I also liked what he was doing with it, it never got too elaborate or sophisticated, keeping some urgency despite being finely wrought at times. A very nice balance that put his unusual instrument to good use without relying on the novelty. Well maybe except when he stood for a rock guitarist pose, but that was a light jest that didn’t outlast its welcome.

Tetuzi Akiyama went acoustic, and had the most diverse set of the four, mixing almost too cute stuff with more blatantly experimental forays. Maybe I was getting tired, but I couldn’t get beyond a merely intellectual appreciation of his skill for most of the set. Get some, miss some. I liked the set better at the end though.

A common thread was that the sets were pretty much focused on one or two things, but on the whole the show was better than its parts, because the sets and their sounds were widely different, while sharing something in their outlook. I’m glad I came, even though I missed Api Uiz and Coupe Coupe.


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