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October 29th, 2010: KK Null / Tell / Eryck Abecassis

@instants chavirés

Eryck Abecassis started on a twin necked guitar before switching to a laptop. Both parts had their moments, and featured some very nice sounds, especially during the laptop part. But I think I still liked the first one better, because it was shorter. I thought he had interesting ideas, but he tented to dwell on each for a little too long. It wasn’t exactly showy — despite the guitar — but I thought there was a whiff of indulging.

Tell features Joke Lanz on turntables and Christian Wolfarth on percussion. I like both turntables and Sudden Infant, so I had somewhat elevated hopes for this. I’m not all that convinced though. What Lanz did was fine with me for the most part, but I thought Wolfarth overextended some ideas. But I’ll readily admit that this project work pretty well as a unit. I suspect I wasn’t in the right mood, because what turned me away was pretty close to what I didn’t like in the first set.

Iguess my mood was better suited for KK Null. He sticked to electronics this time, and there was always something happening. More than one something, usually. There was a beat at times, but not always, and it was often besides the point. His sounds were just as creative as what the first set had to offer, but not as polished, and that translates to “better” for me. And I liked the way the set evolved over time, with new bits coming in and replacing others before they had a chance to get old. It was well done and quite controlled, but I think that part came from knowing his stuff well enough to keep things moving and interesting without having to take a lot of chances. That may be a limitation, but it’s not a big one at that level.


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