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October 30th, 2010: Spokfrevo Orquestra

@théatre de la ville

I hadn’t planned to attend this show at first, but another one was canceled earlier in the season and I traded my ticket for this one. I was reluctant because I gave up on music from Brazil. I just don’t like the rhythm that tends to come with it, for some reason. But that was just me being dumb. Brazil is huge, and even if I guess they would tend to export what we expect in Europe, something else might get here.

Spokfevro Orquestra proved me that I was wrong to dismiss Brazilian music so quickly. It’s a big band — 4 each on sax, trumpet and trombone, 3 percussionists, 2 guitar players — that sounded closer to jazz than to what I expected — and dreaded. Which makes total sense. There was something else too, but I don’t know about frevo so I don’t really know how strong that part was. And to my delight I didn’t experience my usual rejection of the rhythm, because it was indeed different.

The show included some soloing, but what I liked best was that the power of the brass never got overwhelming, despite the numbers. Sometimes I had trouble hearing the guitar, but I wasn’t really focusing on them anyway, I was more interested in the percussion, as usual. The music was both familiar and different, and even if it’s still not the kind of music I’d tend to listen to — neither my area nor my era — I liked it at the time, and that was a pleasant surprise.


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