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November 5th, 2010: Bertrand Gauguet – Olivier Benoit – Lê Quan Ninh

@instants chavirés

I usually like Lê Quan Ninh and Olivier Benoit, and I like this performance too. I had seen Bertrand Gauguet once before, and again I didn’t come out of it with a strong impression. I’m perfectly fine with what he did, and he actually played more regularly than is the sometimes boring norm in the improv scene, but he didn’t stand out either. The others each had a few moments when they just took hold of my attention.

The good thing is that this trio worked well together for most of their single long set. I’d qualify that by acknowledging that I thought the guitar and percussion were more involved and interacting, but that could be just me and my bias speaking. There even were a few times when I wasn’t sure who was responsible for what because the sounds meshed so well. I just love that. A nice performance, one more reason for me to want to hear Olivier Benoit more often.


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