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November 11th, 2010: Camel Zekri & Africa Sound Kwartet Society

@conservatoire de Montreuil

The first part of that show feature the Africa Sound Kwartet Society alone, later they were joined by guests. Besides Zekri’s guitar, the quartet includes percussion, samples, voice and theremin. Not a common lineup, but strangely enough the music itself was closer to mainstream jazz than I expected. That’s not a bad thing, I can enjoy that once in a while, and it had been a while. And though good musicians, they didn’t let their skills take the upper hand, showing a restraint and focus on the music itself that I can appreciate. I may pass next time, though, it’s just not all that interesting to me these days.

Then they were joined by Yacouba Moumouni and Atau Tanaka. That was the part I liked best. Moumouni’s flute brought another element that was just enough to disturb the quartet’s routine while his skill was at least on par with theirs. I’d like to hear Atau Tanaka on his own or in a smaller band. He was drowned out for the most part, but what I heard was intriguing. I’m not really interested in those fancy controllers, but the continuity of the gestures opens interesting avenues — not unlike the theremin come to think of it — and he seemed to have ideas I’d like to hear pushed further. But there were too many other and louder things going on to pick out what he was doing, except at first and at the end of this part of the show, when he went solo for a while. My preference would be to hear him paired with another musician, but alone would probably do.

The third part added three musicians from Niger, who took the show into a different direction. Both traditional sounds from the instrument and a hip-hop feel from the MC. But I didn’t like it much. By then there was too many people on stage, and I thought the many sounds took something from each other. I think I would have liked the parts more than this particular sum.


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