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November 17th, 2010: Aidan Baker / Noveller / Unfact

@instants chavirés

I didn’t like unFact much. The notes were a little too crisp and loud, with just too much space in between. That’s not that cogent, but that’s about what I thought at the time. Just an instinctive reaction, a matter of taste really. It’s just not my kind of thing.

Noveller‘s music, now, is my kind of thing. It may get a little too far on the pretty and melodic side at times, but I just love those loops. Their piling builds up and the melodic phrases weave through and sound different by interacting with the other loops. There was a part with less melody and more texture, but I didn’t think it worked as well, in my opinion it should have went further in that direction to saturate the space. I can’t say I was disappointed, but still I would have liked to be surprised a little more. As it was the set was a little to close to what I heard on the radio. Maybe next time.

Aidan Baker knows more than a few things about filling up the space around him. That was another good set from someone I like a lot, assertive and inventive within a familiar framework that somehow never feels stifling. I may have a pretty good idea of what he’ll sound like, but what he does within that sound always has something new, there’s always something else around the corner. His music demands attention to avoid being overwhelmed the dense textures, but it rewards it generously.


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