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November 24th, 2010: HüBeBlo / Sean Baxter

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I heard later that Sean Baxter wasn’t happy with his performance because of some feedback he couldn’t control. I wonder what it would have been had he been happy because I loved this set. The head of his lone tom resonated with the loud feedback, with the vibrations strong enough to move a bundle of sticks and even a couple of metal tubes. There was also a cloud of paint flecks at times, fallen from a plate he would bend and scrape on the tom. That’s for the visual side of it, and it was arresting. The feedback sometimes overpowered the rest of the sounds, I guess that’s why he wasn’t happy about it. He kept stepping on metal plates while dragging those objects over the drum, of just letting them bounce along with the vibrations, with a single mic close to the tom picking up the sounds. Between the bent/torn plates, the sticks, the pipes and more regular scraping, there were different tones at work, all feeding the resonance. After a while the loud feedback was a kind of background drone for me, which I don’t mind. I just would have liked him to use the plates a little less, I did get used to that part along the way. Still, if that was a failed one, I can only hope I’ll get to witness a successful performance.

HüBeBlo features Carl Ludwig Hübsch on tuba, Claus Van Bebber on turntables, and Jaap Blonk. Now I really like Jaap Blonk, so maybe I was a little too focused on him to appreciate the others as I should have. But the group worked very well, and they displayed great listening by picking up where one was going and catching up in a hurry. There were more than a few times when I was struck by how well Blonk and Van Bebber could build off each other. And Hübsch’s play was eye-opening when it comes to an instrument I plead guilty to underestimating. Though I’m not fond of the clarinet mouthpiece experiment. That was a very nice set, and even though I’d go hear Jaap Blonk alone any day, it’s even better when he performs with musicians who can build something this way.


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