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January 14th, 2011: Tribraque / Sébastien Lespinasse

@instants chavirés

Sébastien Lespinasse did a diverse set, maybe a little too diverse for me. I’m not all that much into sound poetry anyway. I liked some parts, usually those with less words and meaning and more sounds. Then again, I didn’t like the one that involved overtone singing. He was impressive in that he mastered all these different techniques about equally. But the set was focused enough for me, because I need time to get into this kind of performance.

Tribraque features familiar faces in Jean-Noël Cognard, Patrick Müller and Jean-François Pauvros. What intrigued me is what I thought were very different approaches by the latter two, so I wondered how they would fit, and whether Cognard would manage to bridge that gap. He sometimes managed to do just that, but overall I don’t think the trio worked all that well. I really loved what Müller did, but sometimes I guess his cutting through may have thrown Pauvros out of his element, and the drums/guitar felt a little tentative. Well I guess they might need some time to find some common ground in performances, or at least a way to deal better with their differences.


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