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January 19th, 2011: Ea Sola – Air Lines


It had been so long I was starved for dance. I guess Ea Sola’s solo wasn’t the best thing for me in that state of mind. Because she seemed to falter in her trust in dance itself with all these flags and country names. Most of the time her dance and the single EU/US/Chinese flag in the middle was more than enough.

She was able to say a lot with just her arms shooting straight. From defiance to embrace to longing to struggle, depending on the moment. The flags kinda took something from the strength of her posture. And of course I had to throw in my own personal disconnect as well. As she donned a black veil and walked toward the American flag, I guess her intent had something to do with Afghanistan. But by then the mesmerizing waves of the plastic sheet had settled into hills, and all I could think about was something about her walking these hills in a long black veil, which was probably not the reference she had in mind.

I wish she would trust her craft a little more. I don’t think she really need those words or images to get her point across. To me the overkill blunts her message. And to me her slow beginning and end, and the progression through faster paces and a mixture of struggle and acceptance said much more. The more explicit images just got in the way. She certainly has things to say, I only wish she would not be so heavy handed about it.


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