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January 25th, 2011: Philémon / Dan-Charles Dahan – Q / Salmigondis / Benjamin Bret / Autruche Ex Makina

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I like the beginning and the end of Autruche Ex Makina‘s set, but the middle part lost me somewhat. I liked the electronics best, and the early guitar was nice, but it got predictable in its ramp-up. When one guy took up a mic and came down from the stage, it broke that routine and made both more interesting.

Despite his banter, I wasn’t all that convinced by the first three songs of Benjamin Bret. These were too similar, when the guy is extremely eclectic in his output. The rest of the set restored the balance, and it was fun even though he seemed a bit too stressed-out at times and wanting to cram too much into the set. I think he settled down along the way, but anyway the best way to solve this would be more concerts. It’s not as if he lacked material, his production is in Manuel J Grotesque territory. I liked his nodding to this guy, by the way. He got a major assist from a member of Le club des chats, as well as from whoever was inside that fish costume — don’t ask — and I hope it went well enough to have him do more concerts in the future.

Salmigondis delivered a noisish set that somehow fit well with the kind of music often heard at this venue. Were they going native? Not what I expected from them, but I’m certainly not going to complain about that. Maybe a little long though, especially as they were foraying into a familiar restrained territory. Real nice electronics at first, then a little mushy but with things still going on most of the time. That was OK by me, but I was still felt something was missing.

Dan-Charles Dahan was processing Q’s sax sound to mostly good effect, but I think the set was a little too polished for the setting. Like they knew a little too much what they were doing, which felt a little out of place. I might want to give it another try in another place and time though, there were very good moments in there.

Well Philémon knows what he’s doing too, but I didn’t mind at all. A very cool noise onslaught with an occasional drum kick, this set was a great way to end the show. I guess it’s the kind of music I like best in the lot, but I think it was a very good one at that, and sure enjoyed it a lot. Some fleeting beatish sounds and some layers of noise too, never dwelling too long on a single thing, that was a great set.


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