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January 27th, 2011: Ryu Hankil / Choi Joonyong / Hong Chulki

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Hong Chulki‘s set was my favorite, maybe because it featured the harshest sounds, maybe because it was the less showy. He used a turntable and electronics, with a metal plate at times that he put to good use on the turntable. I liked the diversity from low to high and quiet to loud, and the physical presence of the material, despite a generally slow, almost meditative pace.

Choi Joonyong‘s sound had a lot of mechanical elements, which I like a lot, for instance generating rhythmic cycles by taping bits of paper to CDs in open players. He almost moved his two amps around, even behind doors that he also played with. I was a bit put off by this part of the set — a little too much theatrics for me — but it was really done for the sound and a pointless pose at all. I really liked the beginning, but I didn’t really like the way the set unfolded for some reason.

Ryu Hankil had a typewriter that didn’t all that sound like one, or maybe one that was broken down inside with loose keys jingling. Nice, but a little gimmicky in my opinion. He alternated that with more run of the mill electronics. I liked some of his ideas, but I didn’t get into his set.

After a break they did a set together, and I didn’t like it much. I didn’t hear something more than in the solo sets, and the interactions felt more like alternating. Then again its a tough exercise in that kind of music.

I’m totally convinced by these sets, but they have interesting ideas, and I really like the concrete materiality of their music. I like electronics, but I’m very fond of having something mechanical in there as well. I think I’ll go and listen to some Kevin Shields again.


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