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February 4th, 2011: Azmaris

@cité de la musique

After the religious music that was the main event, there was a free concert by azmaris at the same place, but not in the concert hall itself. That was more my kind of music, but the place was way too cold — the architecture, not the temperature — and the high ceiling felt very wrong to me. But the music was pretty good, and Melaku Belay was his amazing self. There was another dancer this time, Zenash Tsegaye, and though I didn’t think she reached his level, she had memorable moments too. Again, the language barrier probably made me miss a sizable chunk of the fun, but the musicians were good despite less than ideal conditions: Abbebe Fekade, Eyerusalem Dubale, Mimi Zenebe, Sileshi Demissie, and Asnake Gebreyes, who looked familiar. I think I saw him perform before, but I’m not sure where. Maybe with Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed a few shortly before his death. Anyway, that show made me wish I could see them in a more suitable venue.


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