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March 29th, 2011: Konk Pack

@instants chavirés

Konk Pack features Thomas Lehn, Roger Turner and Tim Hodgkinson. I had seen the former two several times before, but not the latter, though I did know a few Henry Cow releases. I read it’s a long-running trio, and it shows in a very good way. Each knew what he wanted to do, and had a good feel of where the others were going. I think this familiarity also paid off in that even when one or two of them — usually Lehn and/or Turner — were at their loudest, the other(s) could move to tones that could cut through without matching the loudness.

And they did play loud a lot. The beginning of both sets and the whole — short — encore were rather quiet, but it didn’t last. It was good hearing people going at it this way, while also keeping me on my toes because of the changes and interactions. They can be loud in a wide range of ways, and they used that ability fully.

It was a great show that didn’t really sound like many others I’ve heard. It was something to see them know their stuff so well that they could improvise and still play with sounds in a way that usually requires studio work. Hodgkinson was the most impressive to me, because he was usually the quietest, but still distinctly present, adding seemingly small but actually critical details. I wish I could hear this kind of thing more often.


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