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April 2nd, 2011: Juan Carlos Oviedo y los hermanos Acuña / Berta Rojas


Berta Rojas is an amazingly skilled musician, but the music itself was just too polished for me. Though I think I would have liked it a lot a few years ago, back when I actually liked Bach. The music reminded me of that composer for no specific reason, just for the feeling that I had lost the ability to like it, but had it at some point. Still, even though I wasn’t all that interested in it, her skill wasn’t empty or showy, and there were still other elements that kept me from slipping into boredom. And her play had enough nuances to keep me on my toes.

Unsurprisingly, I was much more interested in the folk music of Juan Carlos Oviedo y los hermanos Anuña. It’s still not as raw as I like it, but the harp player was downright amazing. He pulled sounds out of his instrument I had never heard as crisp. In plenty of ways, but the shortest notes were the best for me. I was so transfixed I paid little attention to what the other two were doing whenever he got going. His fooling around at the end of the show was impressive to me, not because of the antics — though they were cool enough — but because he was still playing quite well. But not when compared to what he had done earlier, that performance raises the bar for me when it comes to this instrument.


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