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April 10th, 2011: Glu feat. Charles Pennequin / Raionbashi & Kutzkelina / K-Branding / Olivier Benoit / Danièlle Lemaire / Sun Stabbed

@les voutes

The last day of Sonic Protest always tends to be a blur, and going to bouillon belge two days in a row after the gigs certainly didn’t help with that.

Sub Stabbed had the layers of feedback I like a lot, so that was a very nice way indeed to get me fully awake, even though it couldn’t possibly last. I like their sound, and that’s enough for this to be intended as a note to self to see them when I’m closer to functional.

I really liked some sounds in Danièlle Lemaire‘s set, and some of her singing too, the more Asian-inspired parts. But some of the rest didn’t work at all for me. Mixed feelings then, but then again I wasn’t at my most attentive, and this music seems too delicate to have registered much in my condition.

I like Olivier Benoit, so I was a bit miffed to be so hazy. Still he kept me awake and gradually more focused. He has a rare way to bring together the attention to sound itself of free improvisation with a construction that doesn’t exactly reach a narrative but feels closer to architecture except it unfolds in time instead of space. This guy regularly impresses me.

K-Branding got things louder, and that was welcome by me. I’m still not sure whether I liked the sax parts or not though. A bit of both I guess. There were elements I didn’t like, but when he switched to electronics I missed it. In a sense that confusion is a good sign. It was what made them stand out, though I’d have to check them out again to know what to make of it.

There was apparently a visual side to Raionbashi & Kutzkelina, but I just missed it as usual, except for a few blinding flashes. The barks blended surprising well into more regular noise, which is cool enough on its own, but the voice was downright amazing. At times I heard it as a slow yodeling that froze on one note and just stayed there, but with a clarity and depth that were new to me.

Charles Pennequin generally rules, so the only thing wrong with his opening performance was that it was short. Glu then took over, and they have a lot going for them. Like a charismatic singer who can boot Pennequin from the stage without looking ridiculous in the aftermath. And some of the best sounding guitars in my recent — though admittedly impaired — memory. This band delivers, and that includes but isn’t limited to mean blows. Pennequin joined them for the last song, alternating verses for two opposite yet ultimately equally dystopian visions. Very nice indeed.


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