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April 12th, 2011: Dave Douglas Brass Ecstasy

@cité de la musique

I’m left with a strange feeling of an incomplete experience. Dave Douglas was good, as were all the members of his band — Vincent Chancey on horn, Luis Bonilla on trombone, Marcus Roja on tuba, and Nasheet Waits on drums. Roja was especially great. But I never really could get into their set, even though a couple of compositions were really nice — I think my favorite was called “town hall” . On the other hand I didn’t like Waits much; he’s close to flawless, but I just don’t like his style, and his solo was close to grating to me. And I felt Chancey didn’t assert himself enough; horn is rare enough for me to want to hear more of it.

I think my main gripe was that this show was labeled as a tribute to Lester Bowie, yet the set was somewhat tame. Not a museum piece by any means, but still comfortably within the boundaries of what Jazz — capital J, please — is supposed to me. Which feels wrong to me, when calling on Lester Bowie. But that’s probably because I’m not much into tradition, and whatever appeals to me in Bowie’s music is the part that is harder to pay tribute to, at least officially. At least here. I guess I just need to find another place like La Dynamo.


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