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April 6th, 2011: Felix Kubin / M.A. Numminen / Chantal 1/2 Morte

@centre barbara

I can’t really be objective about Chantal 1/2 Morte. That’s because the sound was terrible, I just couldn’t hear anything of what Patrick Müller was doing, which pissed me off. The “engineer” checking his text messages and blatantly not giving a fuck didn’t help my mood. I didn’t like the vocals much, but there were loops I might have liked if I hadn’t been so put off. I’d better pretend I wasn’t even there.

M.A. Numminen has been a favorite of mine since I heard his take on my favorite book ever, and I was elated to read he would be performing that. It’s not that often that I know the lyrics to all the songs — well, almost, we differ on our reference translation. Too bad the instrumentation was stripped to just him and keyboard, that took a lot from 5. On the other hand, even though it wasn’t live, I agree that it was better to go with the video for 6 — the sign basically requires it, some things have to be shown rather than said — and I had a blast. I deeply enjoy the irreverence to the closest thing I have to a holy book — though I think Kenneth Goldsmith’ “singing” of the beginning of PI is even better. The rest of his set couldn’t possibly talk to me that much, and I have to admit the constant irony got tiresome at the end. But it was still a personal highlight.

Felix Kubin felt a little too mundane after this performance. I’m really into his music anyway, so I couldn’t stay into it for all his set. But he does have some beautiful sounds, I just love these analog synth. But it’s the kind of music I can only hear live, so I came out with a better opinion of what he does. I’d probably check him out again in a venue with a better sound.


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