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April 7th, 2011: Ramleh / Club Moral / Astma

@instants chavirés

Astma ended up being my favorite set of the evening. Maybe because it was the one that didn’t always work all that well. I loved the beginning, but I felt it ran out of steam along the way. Or maybe I just didn’t like the direction they took later. Either way at least it wasn’t predictable, and the drummer’s vocals were the most striking thing I heard that day. I hope to hear them again, in that lineup or another as they seem to be quite active.

Club Moral came heavily hyped, and they certainly proved worth it. They’re much better live than I expected. Part of that comes from the DDV’s charisma, but for me the best was the synth sounds, those were amazing. The downside is that they seem to have a recipe and don’t really stray from it, so that by the end the whole set kinda blurred together. Still good, but limited in that sense.

I had the same problem with Ramleh, only maybe worse. That was a little too efficient for me, and their sound was so consistent that I had to look at them to notice when they introduced new elements. In this kind of music, they’re extremely good. But there’s just one kind, and they don’t really play the exhaustion card either, so that got a little tedious for me.


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