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April 8th, 2011: Sightings / Radikal Satan / Wolfgang Müller & Frieder Butzmann

@olympe de gouges

The performance by Wolfgang Müller and Frieder Butzmann looked like a lecture — complete with video issues — but for the most part without the boring side. For the most part because it did go too long for me, at first the spoof was all in good fun and their demeanor carried the day, but it did get old for me in the end. And the boiling water/short-circuit was one of the annoyingly predictable bits. Though its being predictable and annoying was part of its appeal. It’s a fine line, and I never could be sure which side they were on at any given moment.

I still feel the place was wrong for Radikal Satan. Too big, too square, especially as they were in their core lineup without the drummer. It was still an intense performance, but even though it was special for me — it was how I chose to “celebrate” my 40th birthday — and I focused as much as I could, blocking out the background noise and the empty space behind me took a toll. That was my favorite set of the day, but having seen them in smaller places, I can’t help resenting the space for leeching the intensity.

Sightings would seem to have been better equipped to handle that venue, but I still think it took a toll, preventing them from building up as they could have. I’ve heard better sets from them, as this one had a stop-and-go side that undermined my enjoyment. But the end was so good, when they had Tom Smith join them his charisma instantly changed/charged everything. That made it all right, but I still think the venue didn’t help.


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