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April 13th, 2011: Toc Sine / Eli Keszler / Will Guthrie

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I came for Will Guthrie, who I had seen with The Ames Room, and I wasn’t disappointed. He’s a great drummer who can make me eat any disparaging words I ever had about yet another drum solo — and that would be quite a meal. This solo had me transfixed right from the start, and that grip increased along with the loudness, but not because of it. What got me really impressed was what he did with the kick, it was fast enough to get close to the danger zone of virtuosity, but it never felt like it was speed in a vacuum, so I never got bored, far from it. There was little of the extended technique thingie at work here, but it was a constantly fascinating set, and a rare treat. I need to hear that guy again, alone or with others.

To continue with my serving of crow, now that I badmouthed extended technique, here came another drummer that made good use of these. Yes, he did bow his cymbals. But no, for some reason Eli Keszler wasn’t boring at all. He did use a guitar too, but just for an occasional resonating chord that nonetheless felt like percussion too, closer the part a gong might play than the usual guitar. It was less viscerally commanding a performance than the previous one, but almost as good as far as I’m concerned. Eye-opening too in that what I thought were tired recipes turned out to be valid tools in the right hands.

After these two shocks, Toc Sine sounded closer to my usual fare, no surprise because these two — Pascal Battus and Jean-Luc Guionnet — are familiar faces. Still, it was louder than what I expected, yet with the best of the deft touch I came to expect from them. But as I’m spoiled and expected nothing less from then, it came as less of a surprise and so left the weakest impression on me of the evening. It was merely good, and with my being so late posting this, I’m can’t remember enough of it except that I liked it, but less than the two great sets before this one.


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