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April 27th, 2011: Tujiko Noriko / The Konki Duet


This show was a fundraiser to support victims of the earthquake in Japan, and featured people I really wanted to see. I managed to miss Tomoko Sauvage with Andy Bolus though, which sucks.

I did get in in time to see The Konki Duet. I didn’t know them, but I wanted to check them out because of Kumi Okamoto. It’s still pop, but with a rockier side to it that Kumisolo. Despite their running into a lot of technical problems, I liked their set. I think I went too much into experimental stuff these days, I miss this lighter stuff. I’d love to hear more.

I never stopped listening to Tujiko Noriko, but it was only the second time I’ve been to one of her shows. It’s true that it’s the kind of music I’d tend to listen to on my own, but a live performance brings her beautiful voice in sharper relief. The loops and music took a step back for me this time, it was a different view on something familiar. I hope I’ll get another opportunity sooner rather than later. I love her voice, but I’d like to be less focused on it and take in more of the music, because it tends to reward such focus in spades.


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  1. ツリコノリコが大~~好きだよ!

    Comment by DJ Keili | June 2, 2011 | Reply

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