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May 14th, 2011: Wu Man


What can I say? Wu Man is amazing. She’d be on her own, but she played with musicians from Central Asia and that was even better. I think I had seen them before, but I’m not sure so I won’t wander and guess their names. The point is they all played in good faith and there was a magical moment where borders faded into irrelevance. Wu Man played a few songs solo, and these were great, then there was some Central Asian music where I was just sure I’d heard these guys before, they were so skilled yet that was nothing compared to when they played with Wu Man. Then it wasn’t about skill, they all had that. More about what each could bring to the table. It wasn’t always obvious, most of the time it was either Wu Man or the others, but when they played together at last that was a release and something special. I brought together worlds than had been kept separate for no reason.

It’s certainly not what I like best about Chinese music, and I like Kyrgyz music much better, but it made a lot of sense to bring these together. Wu Man definitely knows what she’s doing, and even though I don’t really like that side of the Chinese music tradition, she made her point that it belongs to it. And it’s such a rare thing that she could play with these guys like it was obvious they all belonged together. That’s how good she is, and that performance was something special just for all the untold things she made obvious. It’s all more than what just went on, and she conveyed as much by not playing at times. I’m still figuring out.

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