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I’m not posting anything publicly these days, and I’m seriously thinking about moving the whole thing offline for good. Those notes were always meant for myself, making them public was first an oversight, then I thought it could be of some use, if only by putting up links to the pages of people who could use more exposure.

I’m rethinking all that. I’m afraid I know most of the people who read these posts, and if they think it’s just some self-aggrandizing endeavor, maybe that’s what is has become. At least there’s no rationale to keep it public, at least for music stuff.

Anyway there’s not much coming gig-wise, so I have plenty of time to rethink this. Maybe I’ll stick to dance, or just avoid posting about any gig featuring someone I know. Maybe I’ll change my mind tomorrow. Afrirampo called it quits recently, that got me thinking. I’m signing off for now.

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Avatar ghost and layout gripes

It’s getting slow gig-wise, so I might as well break my own rules and post about something completely different.

I changed my avatar a couple of weeks ago, but my previous one sometimes comes up instead. It happens on the wordpress main page, in my comments, and I sometimes see both during the same session. I haven’t seen any pattern to it. I absolutely love this. A touch of unpredictability, and there’s another layer to it: even though the ghost here is my old sacred chao avatar, the haunting fits real well with Mircea Cantor’s Ann Lee, while the randomness is somehow discordian. I suspect this came up because my new avatar is too small, because that seemed to confuse the upload page; I tried to upload it again, to no avail, but now I’m happy with this state of affairs.

I can’t say that about the layout, though. I selected it reluctantly, because the ones I liked better included a picture I would really have to change. My problem is that I don’t have any suitable replacement. I know I want a graffiti, but I’m set on one I can’t find anywhere. It was in Versailles, France, right next to the Chantiers station, but was defaced about ten years ago. I think I’ll give up if and when I meet a few more people with contacts in the French graffiti scene and come up empty. Maybe I’ll end up with a LADY PINK piece instead, but I’d feel awkward stealing one right now.

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