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October 14th, 2007: Core of the Coal Man / Coupe Coupe / Above the Tree

@saphir 21

Quick belated notes due to computer issues and exhaustion. Nice place, friendly bar with a small but cool basement.

Above the tree was a late addition. A welcome change of pace, a solo guitar act. Pretty calm, and with a real good use of electronics that contrasted with and underscored the guitar playing. Simple sounding at first, but actually richer than that.

Then it was on to Coupe Coupe, at last. Relentless, loose and fun. Nice balance for a first gig, maybe the voice/electronics could have been louder, but it was an interesting mix of different sounds. But then again I’m biased.

Core of the Coal Man‘s set was my favorite. Processed viola — I tend to like that a lot. Good sound and creative processing. I’d like to check his music further, it seemed to warrant a more in depth listening. I could be very wrong about this, but I felt but could not pin down some structure underneath.

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