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May 25th, 2010: Kris Davis – Ingrid Laubrock – Tyshawn Sorey / Andy Emler


Andy Emler opened with a solo set on piano. That’s a tough act to pull off, but I believe he’s good enough to do just that. I didn’t like the set though, too much virtuosity most of the time. I did like the time he spent playing the piano strings directly, and the rest of that piece, which was more percussive. The rest was too fast and brilliant for me.

Tyshawn Sorey is the one who made me add yet another gig to an already busy schedule. I had only seen him play with Steve Coleman, but I like Fieldwork a lot — though I haven’t seen them live — so I just couldn’t pass, and I’m glad I showed up. He played softly a lot of the time, especially at first — he even spent the first few minutes sitting on the floor in the back. But he also played loud, pounding so hard a couple of times I could hardly hear the others, especially the piano. He put his control of loudness to very good use throughout the set, adding another level to the sounds themselves, and his play was a big part of what made this set so good to my ears, but that’s just because I’m partial to drums, because the others were just as good. I had seen Ingrid Laubrock just once before, as part of Sol6, so it was nice hearing her in a smaller formation. In the quieter moments she could sound close to the European improvisation scene I’m familiar with, but she could also be more forceful. She also added some nice voice parts that were not exactly singing. I didn’t know Kris Davis at all, and I came away much impressed. She was just as skilled as the others, equally at ease in the quiet and loud parts, and made the piano melodic and/or percussive as required. I couldn’t hear her at first during the louder moments, but I tried harder and it was very much worth the trouble. That set was such a blast I even lingered to buy their CD, a rare occurrence these days. I really should pay closer attention to the schedule of this fine venue.

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