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September 14th, 2008: Sex Mob / The Bad Plus / Fly

@la villette

That was the final performance in the la villette jazz festival for me. It has been a good one, with more than a few outstanding shows. But I have to say I was really close to burning out, which adversely affected my enjoying this gig.

The opening trio, Fly, was probably the most mainstream music I heard during the festival, but in a good way. I appreciated the way they let the music say everything, and the balance within the trio. By then I was eager for something less experimental, and they provided just that while remaining interesting.

I didn’t like The Bad Plus. Just a matter of taste, with that burn-out effect keeping me from making the effort required to get beyond that first impression. They got my attention back when Wendy Lewis joined them; their Nirvana cover was nice but the different covers were so close it seemed like a system to me. I pretty much hated their Pink Floyd cover and I drifted off again.

Sex Mob got me back big time though. Grating at times, but with enough energy to wake me up completely. And their cover of Gainsbourg was great, with enough of the original to be a cover yet enough twists to it to be interesting. I liked the drummer a lot, but I liked the others too. A rousing set, and a fitting way to conclude these two weeks. My only problem, again, was the venue. There are only four of them, and with their dynamic style I’d like to hear them in a smaller venue, and not have to be stuck in a seat. Either Trabendo or Cabaret Sauvage would have been a better fit in my opinion.

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