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April 24th, 2008: Dälek / Bleubird / R-Zatz


It was my first time at this venue, pretty nice place, a tad too nice actually. Much better looking from the inside than the garish pink box outside would suggest. Not so big, and it was definitely not crowded tonight. What gives? I though Dälek were popular around here…

The opening set was R-Zatz, featuring a laptop wielding DJ, a guy on guitar and bass and a VJ. The video was an arty black and white affair with some coloring and inserts thrown in, not much of interest to me in there. The single live instrument did a lot to keep me around, but despite a few tunes I liked, it was a bit too scripted for me. Musically it was more electro than hip hop, in different styles from ambient to pounding. The scratch samples did not sit very well with me, part principle and part because it didn’t seem right with the kinda detached delivery.

As if to complement that opening set, the next one featured a lone MC with his laptop, Bleubird. A bit heavy on the stage banter, but that was mostly OK. And when he actually turned it on, it was really good. I liked his quoting Zappa as well — that line about information/knowledge/wisdom/truth/beauty/love — and he kept me guessing by going into different styles. The most rapid-fire delivery was not the best, that would be those times when he seemed to put all he had behind his words. A lot of energy, positive somehow, and he came across as somehow who does his thing out of a deep-seated need. Pretty funny at times nonetheless.

Very different from the darker mood brought on by Dälek, with their fascinating mix of hip hop and noisish guitar wailing. Maybe the room didn’t do justice to their sound, but it was commanding nonetheless. I love their straying from the expected stuff musically yet remaining true to hip hop nonetheless. The MC was great, commanding attention despite all the stuff going on around him, as it should be. No prettiness in there, and I’m glad for that. They struck a near perfect balance between the noise and rhythmic elements, with the result being consistently interesting, neither oppressing nor comfortable. My only problem with their set was that it was so short, but I’d rather have a gig seem too short than too long.

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