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August 23rd, 2008: Yours Truly / TG / Bone Rattle / Helicoptere Sanglante


Maybe I shouldn’t have looked at those videos before going, this way I wouldn’t have been disappointed. That’s too big a word anyway, that was a good gig, but I expected something different and that’s why I was a bit taken aback. But it’s sure good to see the end of that dreadful summer getting closer. Hopefully I will get to be more active now.

Helicoptere Sanglante went first, with a set that was almost subdued. Less of the performance stuff — I won’t complain about that — and more on the music side of it. Then again I was so starved for live music that I think I was in a very positive mood and just eager to hear some noise again.

Bone Rattle were pretty good, but I had to forget what I was expecting because there were no drums. Voice, violin and electronics, interesting but those videos had me expecting something more dynamic. And I really liked the drumming, so it kinda spoiled my experience for a while, the violin picking was nice, and might have been drowned out by the drums though, so maybe I got something I would have missed otherwise. I hope they come back with a drum set, so that I can hear the usual stuff.

In another related letdown, Blue Shift didn’t play. She broke her bow, which also explains the picking, but that was bad news for me because she was the one I was most curious about, again because of youtube videos. So I do hope she’ll be back to this city so that I can experience it live. I just love processed violin, and her use of a contact mike sounds very interesting. But I usually need to hear it live to fully appreciate that kind of music. She talked of touring in Europe again next spring. That’s a long wait but still beats no plan at all. My going on at length about something that didn’t take place is hopefully a small step toward making it happen. I’m not holding my breath but there’s no downside I can think of anyway.

I know this is homerish, but my favorite set was TG‘s. Just what the witch-doctor ordered to brush aside the cobwebs in my ears. Nothing special on the face of it, just guitar with a lot of feedback, but it was great. Well done, without any overthinking or high-brow aims, but something that had me physically engaged and I just enjoyed the moment. I had been missing that kind of gig, a lot. That’s a personal take, without any attempt at justifying or analyzing anything — which I suck at anyway — and a shameless one at that. Thanks man, that was a blast.

The last act was a performance thing, and I just don’t go for these, so I didn’t like it. I just don’t relate. But despite all the ways in which it didn’t live up to my expectations, it was a very nice evening, and it sure beats anything I’ve had to settle for lately. One more quiet week and I’ll hopefully be on the out and about again.

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