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March 15th, 2010: No Fun Acid / Oneohtrix Point Never

@instants chavirés

Part two of the gig that was scheduled for Saturday. First up was Dan Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never. Too bad the original plan had to be scratched, because I suspect I would have enjoyed both his and Ningengoukaku’s sets better had they been part of the same show. As it was that set was just too New-Waveish leaning into New-Ageish for me. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for something that mellow.

Carlos Giffoni has been a frustrating character for me. I’ve heard some great stuff on the station, but this was my second time seeing him live and it just didn’t rise to that level. There was a very fun part in having him play a techno set in this venue, but it still made me think I was on the outside looking in to an inside joke. I did like the set on face value though, despite the cheesy video. There were a couple of instances of noise overtaking the driving beat that kept it less predictable, but still, I’m wondering whether these made the set better or worse. I guess the ambiguity could have been great at another time, but not for me at this point.

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