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May 27th, 2010: Christian Rizzo – L’Oubli, toucher du bois

@theatre de la ville

I’ll start with the best: I loved Caty Olive’s lighting. Really an amazing show in itself. Unfortunately I didn’t like much else. It started with the stage full of furniture and random objects, including a black ball and a plant that reminded me of a show Christian Rizzo had done a couple of years ago. All these were carried off the stage, but the lying down and carrying of others remained. And it was just as slow. The figures wrapped in black got me back in for a short while — the lighting got me again — but what little happened was way too obvious and predictable. The last sequence started different, with at first a dancer oscillating back and forth that had me think I could like some of the show, but I didn’t. The worst for me was the music, which made dead sure there was no way I would be able to like the show. That was by Sylvain Chauveau, and it featured the exact same tunes that bored me so much when I saw him play a couple of months ago. I knew the show was over for me as soon as I heard it.

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March 12th, 2008: Christian Rizzo – Mon Amour

@théatre de la ville

The prologue at least made me smile. A pounding low pitched cycle started minutes before the curtain went up, and the seven dancers were standing on stage, their back to the audience, slightly bent forward and bobbing their hoods to the rhythm. Except for a big black ball among them, that could easily have been one of my usual noise concerts; that cracked me up. Latter the hoods were adorned with colorful veil then went down for good.

The music — performed on raised platforms in the back by Gerome Nox on electronics, Didier Ambact on drums and Bruno Chevillon on bass and double bass — was pretty good most of the time, but the texts read by Mark Tompkins were real grating to my ears. The William Carlos Williams thing kinda ringed true but truth isn’t always interesting. And that Patty Smith one was definitely not my cup of tea either. I tried to ignore these, but mostly failed. The lighting was nice though, and these slowly sliding black balls were pretty neat. At some point toward the end there were five of them on stage, of various sizes ranging from maybe 3′ to close to 7′ tall. Nice effect of these black balls reflecting the white ground, that gave rise to nice illusions.

What about the dance? Well, that’s the point. There was not that much, as I’m not willing to include carrying potted plants around or lying on the ground. That’s unfair, but the fact is that most of it was real slow and repetitive, which really means I didn’t get it. A lot of carrying each other, a few nice ideas but worked over way too much for me. It had its moments, but I thought it was too long. I’m not giving much credit to my thinking it was too long, maybe it needed that length for the good bits to make sense.

My favorite moments were short sequences when something different was going on. A burst of speed from a dancer on the front and side of the stage, standing and crouching in a narrowing band of light. A spiderish mirror by two dancers on the ground with legs entwined. Some carrying bordering on puppetry ending in a surprise switch. And a swarming piling at the very end. I’m not enthusiastic, but I really liked these — and the black balls — so I’ll take it. It may not have been satisfying as a dance show, but it was not a waste of time either; and the part I really disliked was the text. Nonetheless, I liked his previous efforts better.

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