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September 16th, 2010: Melt-Banana / Circle


I’m still kicking myself over missing Circle when their music was more of the repetitive stuff I like best, but that lineup was too good to miss. Their set was weird in that it mixed over-the-top elements — dress, acting and some of the music — with music that was too good to be just a joke. It featured a lot of visual nods to seventies-to-eighties heavy metal, a fact most prominent when the four guitar/bass player came together for a choreography worthy of a spinal tap outtake — each dressed as a different cliche. The singer was covering the white-leather-and-cap gayish angle, and went into a few spells of slow-motion running that were more than a little ridiculous.  But even when they were most in character, the music was too good for it to be a post-modern joke, there had to be some appreciation for the genre in there, with just enough self-confidence to be able to joke at the cheesiest part of it too. They did have a couple of lapses into slower and — for me — more interesting music during the set, but I did enjoy the whole set, though I probably wouldn’t sign for another dose of that.

Melt-Banana‘s set started with just two of set on stage, in the dark, sporting head-lamps and playing samplers. Just as hectic, but with a different edge, a little less punk and somehow rawer, despite the medium. The rest of the set went back to the usual format. That is to say there were every bit as good as when I saw them first, but it did last longer, to my delight. Punk energy and intensity with a lot of interesting stuff at work too, I love that. Note to self: next time I should pay more attention to the bass. Again, I had to hear people saying they were down a few notches from their earlier days. I don’t believe that, but even if it’s true, I don’t care, because they’re still more than good enough for me to want more.

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